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About Me

I treat every job as if it were in my own home, which incidentally, I have rebuilt from virtual ruin, incorporating eco-friendly features where possible.

Born in Lowestoft and the son of a policeman, I have lived in north Norfolk all my life, working in the building trade and offshore as a welder. I now live in Bradfield, a small village near North Walsham.

I believe in doing a good job and view unreliable tradesmen dimly. I take great pride in turning up on time, doing a good job and charging a fair rate.

When we had our two children my wife Julie decided to go back to work while I stayed at home and raised them. This has been the most rewarding job of all; the reason I prefer to tackle smaller projects is so I can spend as much time as possible with my family.

I always enjoyed making things; Julie and the children are well used to offering rapturous applause as I unveil my latest project, in true Wallace & Gromit fashion.

We try to live as ‘green’ as possible, growing our own veg and raising pigs, sheep, chickens and a cow for the table. I have solar panels, use sheeps wool to insulate my loft and flush my loo with rain water.

If I can encourage others to go the ‘eco-friendly’ route too, then I will feel I have done a good job.

John Fleming






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